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"Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, Andy "Dirt" McGurk is hollowtechnic (with a lower case 'h'): founder, composer, singer, guitarist, keyboardist and producer, and subscriber to the opinion that if you want something doing properly then do it yourself.

With a quirky vocal delivery - not the standard rock belter - he combines electronic trickery and some pretty impressive heavy duty rocking passages, one of which delivers a chest bursting opening half minute to the album on 'Relentless Monsters'. Chasing the NIN, System Of A Down model, be prepared for departures into the bizarre:'From You To Me' merges Nirvana with Chuckle Brothers and there's the frankly peculiar but entertaining 'Nigel Farage' - "This story is based on real events....and some made up events....made up in my head..." where Dirt maybe invents a new genre at the same time: python rock. A similar diversion in 'Headfuck' sits side by side with some outlandish and inventive variations on hard and heavy rock.

Expect the unexpected as a lucky bag empties itself into your preferred music player. The unusual mix is quite thrilling, a true journey of discovery; progressive in that you don't know where he's going to take thing next and a surprise hit with its imaginative and inventive take on the tried and tested. Just for good measure, 'The Waste' closes the album with eccentric electronics.

P.s. Winner of the prize for the most difficult to read cover booklet since Opeth's 'Pale Communion'

8 out of 10

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