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hollowtechnic - Andy "Dirt" McGurk - Founder, Composer, Vocalist, Guitarist, Keys, Album Producer.

hollowtechnic officially started in 2007, when a poor Andy McGurk was trying to make ends meet at university in Coventry. The name actually came about when he was deciding on a name for a duo act, after looking at a poster of A Perfect Circles promotion of their 1st single "The hollow", he decided to combine that name with the word technic. The Duo would later be known as "The 2-in-1s" however they never played a gig. Andy decided to keep the name for himself.

He decided in his final year of uni to enter a battle of the bands competition, only to realise that they asked him to play 2 days later with 4 hours notice, so used the name "hollowtechnic, and this would become the first gig "hollowtechnic" would ever play. Stood there with his guitar and programmed keyboard and rushed 1 hour rehearsal, hollowtechnic never made it through the 1st round, however all songs played that evening would later make an appearance on either "The Resistible Rise Of Confidence" or "hollowtechnic: Revisited".

Jumping Jacks, Coventry 2007

In 2008, Andy would start work on the 1st album in his final year of university for his course, music composition, and make it the 1st release under the name hollowtechnic. Andy was pleased with the songs, but due to his state of mind and naivety, he was not happy with the production. It would still however be released on Itunes.

Fast forward to 2010, skipping many personal moments, hollowtechnic made its 1st debut on stage in Peterborough which wasn't battle of the bands, described as a hybrid of NIN and System of a Down, the gig was a success, despite targeting the wrong audience.

The Solstice, Peterborough 2010

After 3-4 gigs by himself, Andy went looking for help and got surrounded by brilliant musicians to bring his original vision to life, and after many gigs and shows, "The Resistible Rise of Confidence" was released in 2011.

Some of the various musicians who helped make hollowtechnic 2010-2011

2012 was a slow year. Even after supporting Evil Scarecrow in early Feb, hollowtechnic the band had undergone many changes in line up, including new guitarist and new bassists. However, hollowtechnic were still able to release 2012's re-worked "hollowtechnic: Revisited"

Last hollowtechnic gig of 2012, Willow Festival, Peterborough

Between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2014, hollowtechnic became a 3 piece, and managed to get a selection of gigs under the belt, including an unexpected run through the Metal 2 the Masses Battle of the Bands competition. However due to unforeseen circumstances, hollowtechnic would once again stop again.

2015 began a transition year where Andy would focus on his other band BlackHawkDown, however this still meant that 2 studio albums would be released in the form of "Schitzophrenic Holidays" and "From The Sunlight".

2016 was a very dull year for hollowtechnic, with one very surprising last minute gig, it has been a pretty silent year. That is until December 2016 where "The Loose Change" suddenly turned up out of nowhere!

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